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Dairy UK

The British dairy supply chains trade association, Dairy UK, helps to bring together the United Kingdom's farmers, manufactures, milkmen, dairy co-operatives and bottle milk buyers. The goal of Dairy UK is to develop and maintain a safe dairy food environment and to help promote and grow the dairy sector in the UK. In order to achieve this, Dairy UK and its members focus on a variety of areas including public health and nutrition, Common Agriculture Policy, environmental and sustainable projects, and scientific and technical issues and solutions.

In Parliament and with the government, Dairy UK represents the interests of its members by ensuring that dairy issues are brought up and members' interests are promoted and heard. Dairy UK's members make up approximately 85% of the UK milk producers, meaning that their voice has power and prominence. Finally, Dairy UK operates through a number of committees and working groups in order to manage and cover the variety of areas that they focus on.

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