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Excellence And Integrity In Global Agricultural Recruitment


A leading supplier of dairy sundries and alternative milking machine spares, Dairy Spares was established in 1981. Dairy Spares provides a number of products to UK dairy farmers and has developed considerably over the past 10 years, including distributing nationally and building a 500 member distribution network, varying from multi-stores to single site businesses. Dairy Spares has more than 4,500 product lines and a large 15,000 ft2 warehouse, helping to produce the product necessary for a large distribution network. The company has adapted many of the simple New Zealand methods and approaches to dairy farming to the modern-day British dairy farmer, including making several New Zealand products available in the UK. The company offers a broad variety of hardware products, ranging from calf feeding equipment to milking liners, with several featured on the website and all others stocked in the distribution centre.