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Cox Agri

Located in County Durham, Cox Agri supplies farmers throughout the UK with a wide variety of stockbreeder products. Cox Agri boasts an impressive agricultural merchant network which helps to distribute products to UK farmers. Cox Agri products are very well known within the industry, and have a number of market leading brands including NJ Phillips, QWIKEiD, SI-RO-Mark, Heiniger, Alligator, and Farmer's Choice. One area that Cox Agri places a lot of importance and focus on is product development and manufacturing. The company invests heavily in these two areas to ensure that products are of the highest quality in the industry and meet the expectations that customers have come to know.

Cox Agri has terrific customer services and international sales development, allowing the company to provide advice and information to clients on all products it offers. In fact, 99.2% of Cox Agri replacement tags are delivered the next day. Cox Agri's product portfolio includes breeding equipment, animal nutrition, sheep and cattle tags, marking and identification equipment, shearing equipment, livestock equipment, clipping and grooming products, drenchers and vaccinators, and farm/vet sundries.