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A marine science and technology world leader, Cefas provides food security, biodiversity and the aquatic environment with innovative solutions. As the most diverse centre for freshwater and applied marine research/science in the United Kingdom, Cefas covers a broad range of specialist areas. Cefas services a wide variety of customers, including the private sector, the public sector, UK and international governments, non-governmental organisations and educational/research institutions. In addition to its variety of customers, Cefas works on a large number of industries, including aquaculture, fisheries, international government capability development, marine infrastructure, coastal infrastructure, nuclear energy, oil, gas, offshore renewable energy and shipping.

Due to the relationships that Cefas has gathered throughout its history in the variety of sectors, the company has made notable strides in ensuring the sustainability of freshwater and marine environments. With approximately 530 employees between the Weymouth and Lowestoft lab sites, Cefas provides a number of services to its customers, including emergency response, lab analysis, modelling, research, advice, consultancy, programme management, training, technology, and specialist surveys.

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