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Boston Seeds

An independent seed merchant established in 2002, Boston Seeds is an online retailer of specialist products focusing on the grass seed and wildflower industries. Ensuring suitable products are always in stock, Boston Seeds imports inventory from around the world. In addition to importing inventory, Boston Seeds also produces approximately 1000 hectares of seed crops a year. These crops include triticale, vetch, rye, linseed, white mustard, oilseed rape, and forage rape. The market leader in online sales of wildflower seeds and grass seeds, Boston Seeds exports most of its product to northern and southern Europe.

Boston Seeds has a wealth of experience on staff, providing them with the ability to offer advice and the knowledge to have competitive prices for their products. Boston Seeds products include grass seed, wildflower seeds, wildflower plants, seed spreaders, fertiliser spreaders, fertiliser, forage crops, catch crops, cover crops, game cover crops, weed killers, and wild bird food. Boston Seeds also recently purchased land in 2010 for research and development purposes and the goal of developing innovative and environmentally friendly wildflower and grass seed mixtures.

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