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Founded in 1927, Boortmalt has become a successful malting company in Europe. While their first malt house was located in Belgium, they now have 10 different malting plants across the UK, Croatia, Ireland, France, and Hungary. They are focused on creating quality malt products for various clientele. They use modern techniques for production and extensive logistics for cost effective and efficient business processes. Boortmalt is also part of the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) platform. They value sustainability and look to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible, such as saving energy in their production process, minimizing water consumption, and becoming 60% less dependent on fossil energies by the year 2030. Additionally, Boortmalt makes health and safety standards a top priority for their employees.

Boortmalt has a presence in the international barley malt market, selling their product to distilleries and breweries. They are a subsidiary of Axereal, an agribusiness grain cooperative, which gives them year round access to quality barely. They are experts in producing superior malts, producing about 1 million tons annually; this makes them the second biggest malt producer in Europe. Boortmalt also offers consultancy services in order to create a well-developed agri-supply chain, furthering Boortmalt's competitive advantage in the market.

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