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Barenbrug distributes over 4,000 tonnes of grass seed every year, making it one of UK's largest producers of grass seed. With a head office in Suffolk that holds over 2,500 tonnes of clean seed, five packing lines and three grass plant mixers, Barenbrug also has distribution and production centres in Scotland. One of the Scotland facilities, located in Falkirk, is 12,000 square feet and holds a maximum of 520 tonnes of grass seed. Featuring a three-tonne capacity blender, this facility is the North's most advanced bagging and blending plant.

Barenbrug is constantly looking for ways to add innovation to the grass seed industry and control the technologies behind its products, meaning that the company only engages in areas where it can make an impactful contribution. Barenbrug is part of the Royal Barenbrug Group which is an international seed company specialising in not just seed production, but also plant breeding and international marketing. Barenbrug employs over 600 experts, and produces 90,000 tonnes of seed across the 16 countries and 6 continents that Barenbrug and its subsidiaries are located in. Barenbrug produces seed for a variety of purposes, including amenities, sports, agriculture, domestic, and equestrian industries.

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