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Aquatic Management Services

Aquatic Management Services Ltd (AMS) has two departments to serve the needs of the aquatic consumer. First, the company has a domestic department which is for private individuals. This department has been around since 2002, and involves the cleaning, maintenance, and installation of pools, water gardens and aquariums. With plenty of experience, AMS will be able to answer any question about water gardening, fish keeping, pond maintenance/construction, fish caring and more. Domestic products and services include pond management, pond cleaning, pond construction, pond equipment, fish, aquatic plants, live fish transportation and aquarium maintenance.

The other department of AMS is the commercial department which involves the commercial products and services such as lake construction and maintenance contracts that AMS provides. AMS specializes in hazardous aquatic work such as the management and maintenance of water parks, rivers, lakes, and estates. Commercial products and services include fishery and lake management, fishery equipment, fish removal, fishery and lake construction, algae and aquatic weed control, habitat enhancement and restoration, stock fish and aquatic plants.

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