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A leader in the energy sector, Andigestion is a leading innovator and investor of renewable energy. Operating and designing commercial scale anaerobic digestion (AD) plants within the UK, Angidestion plants work to process domestic and industrial food waste to create nutrient-rich fertiliser and renewable energy. Andigestion works with a variety of clients, aiming to create and implement cost effective waste management processes. Clients range from local authorities and waste contractors to farmers and local food producers.

Andigestion became the UK's first food waste-only AD plant operator, and is known as a pioneer of food-based AD within the UK. Andigestion has been a major investor in research and development, in order to develop and operate several large and efficient biogas plants. Currently, Andigestion is teamed with several universities and has a facility in Cambridge for research purposes. Finally, Andigestion offers a number of services, which include wheelie bin collection, commercial collection, waste analysis, processing packaged food waste, and more.

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