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Amazone Ltd

Located south of Doncaster, Amazone Ltd provides Great Britain with ground care and agricultural machinery. Amazone Ltd was founded in 1983 and is a subsidiary of Amazonen-Werke. Providing top quality purchase and after-purchase advice and technical support, Amazone ensures that customers get the most out of their equipment. Amazone specialises in a variety of different agricultural and ground care equipment and machinery, including fertiliser spreaders, powered and non-powered soil cultivators, crop protection sprayers, seed drills, and precision air seeders.

Amazone also carries a wide range of park and lawn maintenance machinery, which includes the Profihopper, Groundkeeper, and a variety of road and top dressing spreaders. Amazone has also been able to move past the mid-sized farm segment to include large estates and contractors with the addition of cultivation equipment and trailed drills. Amazone is among the most innovative companies within the sector and continues to be a leading manufacturer of agricultural and ground care machinery and equipment.

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