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Agrivert develops and provides innovative sewage treatment and organic waste solutions to the water and waste sectors of the UK. Offering in-vessel composting and anaerobic technologies in order to treat gardens, co-mingled food, and garden wastes, the company also provides green garden waste composting solutions. Additionally, Agrivert works to provide the water industry with services and technology that will help reduce the operating costs of treating bio solids as well as recycling them. As well as designing and building the technology, Agrivert also finances and operates it and can provide O&M support for turnkey projects.

The company has recycled more than seven million tonnes of bio fertilisers and attempts to maximize renewable energy and the generation of it. The company also works to help clients reduce their carbon footprint in a way that is sustainable in the future and responsible. Agrivert also provides a variety of waste, water, spreading, and bio fertiliser solutions and services, as well as regulatory support. Finally, Agrivert also produces and sells anaerobic digestion equipment and machinery, silos, conveyors, and in-vessel compositing equipment and machinery.

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