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With over 10 years of expansion and development, Agridata has become the top farm management software in the UK. Aimed at the modern farmer, Agridata's livestock software program helps with livestock and cattle record keeping and overall management and is suitable for sheep farms, dairy cattle and beef cattle farms of all sizes. Agridata helps farmers in a variety of ways and was designed with input from farmers and programmers with agricultural backgrounds. The company also designed the software with the notion that many farmers are not advanced computer users, so the software is very accessible and easy to use.

The software helps farmers with recording details of livestock from birth to slaughter and any movements that might have taken place. It also keeps track of medicine and veterinary treatments, as well as the feeding process. The software can also track and record any treatments or spraying to the fields, as well as soil tests. Agridata is easily transferred so that the history and records of the cattle can be transferred between buyer and seller. The software meets ABM/FABBL standards and is constantly being updated to keep up with changes in regulations.

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