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UK and Global Agricultural Recruitment. For Professionals by Professionals


Agra-net provides business information for the global agriculture industry and food supply chain. The website features data spans, news and analysis for a variety of prominent topics in the agricultural industry with everything from ingredients and agricultural commodities to fertilizers and crop protection, and all information is supported by legal information and policy. Users are able to view their subscriptions to a number of publications on the website. These publications are organized into three main sections: commodities, policy/regulation and crop protection/animal health. The website also features free demos to each of the publications available.

Agra-net also publishes special reports that are available for purchase, and showcases upcoming events in a number of industries, including food, drink, environmental management, biofuels, agri commodities and more. Finally, there are advertising opportunities for external business events, services or products, and also user support if there is a problem with the subscriptions.

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