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ACP Concrete

A specialist precast concrete company, ACP Concrete is a division of Thomas Armstrong Holdings. ACP Concrete uses the most modern equipment and methods across four manufacturing plants, ensuring that high quality products are consistently produced, and all standards are met. Given the company's position as a member of the Thomas Armstrong Group, ACP Concrete is able to meet the high demands and standards of customers with top-quality infrastructure and resources.

ACP Concrete benefits from over 180 years of growth, development, and expertise in supplying the construction industry with superior building products. ACP Concrete has a variety of key products, including beam and block floors, wideslab floors, agriculture building products, precast bespoke concrete, retaining walls, and recycling bunker walls. With technical expertise to provide flexible production methods to clients, ACP Concrete also features a technical support service that includes offerings like calculations and design lay-out drawings.