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Established in 1986, A-Consult provides the agricultural, renewable energy, industrial, and water sectors with liquid storage and handling solutions. The company has installed more than 8,500 tanks across Europe and the United Kingdom. Tanks offered by A-Consult are of high quality and manufactured in a factory-controlled environment. Products are available for both below and above ground installation and are built with a 50 year design life, ensuring that all standards are fulfilled. A-Consult offers the industry's shortest construction time, while also offering a flexible design to clients.

A-Consult has four main product sectors, these being AD and biogas, agricultural, industrial, and water treatment. Over 1,500 of tanks produced by A-Consult have been used as digesters, digestate storage or mixer/reception tanks. A-Consult's Agri-Tank comes in a variety of sizes and covers clients' slurry storage requirements. Industrial use tanks offer solutions for storage and process application in a cost-effective manner. Finally, the Aqua-Tank is another cost-effective containment solution for applications in the waste, industrial, and water sectors.

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