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Redundancy And Career Management

We offer an independent redundancy service to employers and employees.

This is what we do:

  • Independent assessment of employees for employers where the number of roles has been reduced following restructuring.
  • Career counselling and Outplacement for employees whose roles have been made redundant. We help identify skills, design CVs, identify potential sources of alternative employment and prepare applications and for interviews. The depth of the advice is adjusted to suit.


"I recently tasked Amanda at De Lacy Executive to find me two Area Sales Managers. Amanda did an excellent job. She understood my needs precisely and presented me with five candidates, for interview, four of which I would have been happy to employ. I offered roles to two of Amanda's candidates, both of whom accepted and are now developing their roles in my company. I would definitely recommend De Lacy Executive for your agricultural recruitment needs. "
Mark Ormond Recomendation

"Taking that next step whether forced or unforced requires careful consideration, it requires objective thought and reasoned debate to ensure the right expectations are set both for both candidate and future employer.
Scoping your ability and skills as a candidate takes time and is reliant upon asking the right questions, the most valuable being those you cannot define alone; how you are, how you feel, your needs and aspirations are part of a quality mix that can be both attractive and unattractive at the same time. Candidates require careful preparation and encouragement to perform at their best because after all an interview is just a snap shot, for both candidates and employers alike, after all there is mutual risk in this futuristic step where there is much to be gained but more to be lost.
Delacy understand this critical path to success and the importance of coaching candidates and employers alike through a process of preparation in an imperfect market.

Richard H

"Just wanted to thank you again for the nice conversation today. I've
worked with a few recruiting firms now and haven't come across one as
approachable and as personable as De Lacy. I was surprised (in a good
way) when you insisted on a phone conversation before passing on my CV
and really appreciate you taking the time. Since I'm
focused on a job in agriculture or animal health in the UK, I'm sure
we'll be working more together in the future and look forward to it."

John A.