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Jobs in Technical Manager

Commercial Manager- Dairy Machinery- Midlands - LH205

Are you an experienced business manager looking to join an internationally renowned dairy business at senior management level? This busines...

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Technical Services Manager - East Mids - JH206

If you are an experienced feed formulator who has a sound knowledge of feed legislation and quality control, this may be the pinnacle role t...

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Technical Support Specialist - Livestock Equipment - West Mids - JH205

Are you the 'go-to' person in your current role for technical advice? Do you know your products inside and out? Do you support your team and...

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Product Development Manager - Animal Health - East Midlands - JH198

The best product development managers have boundless foresight, vision and creativity. They know their market, their strengths and where the...

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Seed Analyst in Charge - SG077

This role will put you right bang in the heart of providing the best quality seed, influencing the integrity of one of the best known brands...

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