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8 Virtual Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Learn more about virtual interviews to help you with your next interview

By: The De Lacy Executive Recruitment Team 

COVID-19 forced many businesses to change their hiring process from in-person interviews to virtual interviews to ensure they are practicing social distancing during the hiring process. The change to virtual interviews seems to be staying for the long haul, as employers and recruiters feel that the new process is faster.

According to Job Description Library, there was a 67% increase in the usage of virtual interviews from 2020-2021; 79% of employers are continuing to conduct interviews virtually post-pandemic, meaning your next interview is most likely going to be conducted virtually.

Luckily using the tips below can help you advance to the next round of interviews, and potentially land you the perfect position.

1. Test Your Technology 

To ensure all programs are downloaded and your computer is working properly, check your computer days before the interview. Depending on the platform used, ensure it is fully updated and you have an account with the platform. Also, ensure your internet connection is strong and camera and microphone are functioning properly, and are integrated with the platform (sometimes when switching between virtual platforms, sound, and camera settings change).

2. Charge It Up

On the day of the interview, if you are using a computer or tablet make sure it is fully charged the day of the interview or keep plugged in if possible. Pick a spot with a strong internet connection. Avoid using a phone for the interview as it may be shaky when holding the device. If you must use a phone, try to prop it up on a solid surface.

3. Dress for Success

Dress to impress, even if the interview is conducted virtually. Dressing nicely from head to toe will make you feel more confident in the interview. Avoid wearing flashy, bright colors, and wear something that looks nice when seated.

4. Set the Stage

For the interview, choose a distraction-free area way from any distractions of children, pets, roommates. Make sure your background is clutter free and bright, but not glaring. Turn all notifications off and other programs that may interfere with the interview.

5. Be a Well-Prepared Early Bird

Before joining the interview, make sure you do not have any filters on, and log in 5-10 minutes before to take a deep breath to remain calm and centered. Have your resume, job description, any prepared questions, and any notes on hand, to help relieve the some of the stress - but don't read verbatim from these documents during the interview.

6. Maintain Good Eye Contact and Body Language

To make good virtual eye-contact, look at the camera instead of the screen or at your own photo. It is easy to let your eyes wonder when you're not talking face to face with the interviewer. Keep a good posture with your arms resting on your lap or desk and feet touching the ground. Also, try not to move around too much and keep you face centered to the camera. Be sure that the camera is well positioned (no one wants to see up your nostrils).

7. Project and Pause

Check your microphone volume level to ensure the interviewer can hear you clearly and to ensure your microphone is not too quiet or too loud. Check with the Interviewer at the beginning to ensure they can hear you properly. To prevent cutting the interviewer off, take a little pause after the interviewer has completed their question before answering.

8. Close with Sharing Your Appreciation

As in a face-to-face interview, show your appreciation for the interview by thanking the interviewer for the opportunity at the end of the interview. Briefly reinforce your interest in the position and why you would be a great fit for the position and company.

As the interview process continues to evolve, these tips above should assist you in relieving some stress and assist you to reach the next round of interviews. According to Job Description Library, more than half of employers plan on using virtual interviews after the pandemic restrictions are lifted, meaning your next interview will likely be conducted virtually.

As always, if you have any questions about virtual interviewing, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at De Lacy Executive Recruitment.

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