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Personality Questionnaires

What are they?

Personality questionnaires (also known as psychometric tests) can help a potential employer determine the type of personality a candidate may have and therefore judge if they are suited to a particular role. We are not all suited to all jobs! There are no right or wrong answers!

Here is our recommended personality test

Benefits of taking the test

If you take the simple test above it may help you understand your working style from an employer's perspective. It may be useful to have filled in a personality questionnaire so that you have an idea of what to expect should you be asked to do so at an interview. The best results are achieved by answering the questions honestly. It is vital that you be yourself when answering the questions and not try to predict what your potential employers may want you to say, as this is likely to go against you - the tests used by employers will show if someone is trying to beat the system.

The link below takes you to a simple "taster" personality questionnaire. It is not as long or detailed as an employer's but it allows you to gain a feel for what you may be faced with in the future.

personality test

For those of you who are preparing for an interview or who may simply be inquisitive ... Give it a go!

Let us know how you get on

We would really appreciate it is you could let us know your "type" once you have completed the test. So send your result along with a copy of your CV to Grace