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Agriculture is a significant and forward looking business sector based upon science and applied technology. New opportunities are being created by world population explosion, concerns over security of food supply, climate change and economic growth in the east. These issues are combining to create a renewed optimism for the medium and long term and renewed investment in agriculture on a world wide scale. The agricultural industry needs well educated new blood to take advantage of these growth opportunities yet many school leavers are not aware of the enormous career growing advantages offered.

The opportunity for new entrants to the industry is further enhanced by the fact that the average age of current employees is weighted much more towards 60 years of age than 40 years of age. There are many employment positions that will become vacant in the next 20 years for which there are few if any replacement people. This shortage is already evident today with few applicants for many vacancies.

Agriculture offers a diverse range of careers from practical farming of food and energy crops and livestock to the very dynamic business sector which supports this farming activity. This business sector, commonly known as the agricultural supply trade, consists of manufacturers of all the specialist farm inputs from feed, seed, fertiliser, chemicals and animal health to the manufacturers of capital goods such as buildings, farm and field machinery and equipment.

Careers within the agricultural supply trade include scientific, applied technology, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, trading, sales, business development, business management, economics and consultancy. Positions range from trainee level to professional executive to manager and managing director. Businesses in this sector offer employment in both UK and international operations.

For many of these careers a higher qualification to HND or degree level in an agricultural/scientific discipline is required and usually a period spent in gaining experience of the practical issues of farming which underpin the science and technology.

The agricultural supply trade is so diverse potential entrants often seek help and guidance on which direction to follow and how to prepare themselves for success at interview. "Growing Careers" is a new free service offered by De Lacy Executive, an established leading consultancy in agricultural recruitment in the UK and Internationally, to help HNDs/graduates who have qualified in the last 5 years to navigate through the maze of opportunities in farm management and the agricultural supply trade. The service incorporates a source of information about careers and the industry, an evaluation of a candidate's education, experience and personal skills for current vacancies and guidance on how to enhance career prospects in conjunction with guidance on CV preparation and interview preparation.

"Growing Careers" also offers a cost effective search and selection service to employers seeking HND/Degree level trainees. The challenge of selecting candidates with the appropriate level of expertise and potential is very costly and time consuming - let the specialists take the strain of finding the candidates from the widest range of sources, sifting through the CVs and the initial interviews.

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