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Graduate Stories

"The final year of university is busy enough with exams and assignments, the pressure of finding a job was just a further stress. I had applied for numerous jobs off my own back, if I was lucky I would get an interview but numerous companies would not reply at all. I found registering with De Lacy Executive took a lot of the stress and disappointment out of job searching. Once I submitted my CV they reviewed it and recommend where it could be improved. The contact with De Lacy was frequent and informative; when jobs were suited to me I was consulted and guided through the process. After finding a job and attending the interview, De Lacy contacted me again with the offer and formal details. The team even kept in touch with me when I was employed and are always on hand for advice."

Mark went to Aberystwyth University and studied Agriculture with Business Studies BSc and we got him a job to become Show Co-ordinator and Technical Advisor

"De Lacy Executive is not like any other recruitment agency I have had dealings with in the past. This business provides a very highly respected and professional service, they were very helpful and not only gave me the support but also the help I needed. They went out of their way to provide me with consultancy and advice throughout my whole experience with them and I definitely recommend their services to other graduates to take advantage of."

Anne went to Hartpury College and studied BA Agricultural Business Management and got a job as a Administrator and Marketing Specialist for an Agricultural Consultancy

"I graduated from University over a year ago and whilst I was relieved to have graduated, I was suddenly aware that I needed a job! I registered with De Lacy Executive after seeing an advertisement in the Farmers Weekly. I was soon contacted by one of their team members who not only listened carefully to what type of job I was interested in, area and salary etc. They also offered me advice on writing my C.V, Covering Letters and tips for Interviews. I have found the De Lacy team members extremely helpful and very easy to get in contact with. They regularly contact me about possible job opportunities and keep me updated with any relevant feedback. After just a couple of months of contact with De Lacy they secured a graduate role with one of the major retailers in the UK for me. I would certainly use De Lacy Executive again and recommend it to everyone in the future."

Amy went to Harper Adams University and studied BSc (Hons) in Agri-food Marketing with Business Studies and got a job to become a Trainee Grain Buyer/Farm Trader

"I'm currently in my second year at University and have recently begun researching possible career paths. I came across De Lacy Executive which I found most interesting, as I was desperately seeking advice to steer me in the right direction of possible career paths which my qualifications and interest would suit. I would like to combine my knowledge of economics and interest of agriculture as I have worked on a farm every summer since a young age and have a passion to work within the industry, despite not coming from a farming background. I would like to thank De Lacy Executive very much as they have helped to confirm that the agricultural industry provides plenty of opportunities which I can aim for. It was suggested that after I graduate it would be very beneficial for me to work for a year of two on a farm which was not a plan I'd thought of. Once explained it is now clear that the experience will ensure I offer a more competitive package in the future by making up for the lack of agriculture within my degree."

William is currently studying Economics with Business (BSc) at the University East Anglia

"Thank you for your swift response. Although obviously it is not exactly what I wanted to hear, I would like to take this opportunity to say how refreshing and polite it is to receive a swift and helpful reply. I am sure you are aware the current market place for job seekers is difficult and it really does make a difference to actually receive a response, of any kind as it is such a rare occurrence. I shall take your advice and register on the De Lacy Executive website. Again, many thanks for taking the time to reply."

Tom went to University of Nottingham