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News updates on farming across the UK.

Northern Britain sees higher risk of damaging 'light leaf spot'

Oilseed rape growers in the North of England and Scotland face a higher risk of light leaf spot than anywhere else in Great Britain. The autumn light leaf spot (LLS) preliminary forecast shows a relatively large regional variation in disease risk ...<br />

Future is bright for British dairy farmers post-Brexit, report states

A new report aimed at identifying a strategy for the UK dairy industry post-Brexit has concluded the future is bright for British dairy farmers. However, the report said long-standing issues surrounding productivity, marketing, the management of v...<br />

Countryside Alliance calls on RSPCA to end 'anomaly' of privatised prosecutions

A rural organisation has called on the RSPCA to end the "continuing anomaly" of privatised criminal prosecution of animal welfare legislation. The Countryside Alliance said it wishes to see sentencing under the Animal Welfare Act by the Crown Pros...<br />

Supplier calls on butchers to stock 100% British turkey amid import fears

A turkey supplier has called on butchers to stop selling imported turkey 'butterflies', calling it a threat to the traditional British turkey sector. A call for butchers to adopt the stance of all major supermarkets in supporting British turkey fo...<br />

Taxpayers spend £58m to clear up 1m incidents of fly-tipping

Taxpayers had to cough up £58m to clear over one million incidents of fly-tipping in England during 2016-17. It is the fourth year in a row that incidents increased, according to new government figures released today (19 October) by Defra. Abou...<br />

Derelict farm buildings at risk of being considered 'abandoned'

Derelict houses on farmland can be at risk of being considered as 'abandoned' which can lead to the legal loss of use as a residential dwelling, according to rural property specialists. According to Cheffins, 'abandoned' properties can therefore b...<br />

NI farmers can use ‘reasonable excuse’ to spread slurry during closed period

The wet weather has made it "nearly impossible" to spread slurry safely on many farms across Northern Ireland and farmers are concerned as the closed period deadline has passed. A ban on slurry spreading came into effect at the weekend and will la...<br />

Farmer arrested following hunt saboteur assault

A farmer has been arrested on suspicion of assault following a fiery argument with hunt saboteurs who trespassed on his land. The 44-year-old man was arrested after the incident in Ratcliffe Culey, Leicestershire, at the weekend. Leicestershire...<br />