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News updates on farming across the UK.

EU delays blanket ban decision on neonicotinoids

The European Commission has delayed a vote on the banning of three neonicotinoids to include all outdoor crops. Member states met at the European Commission on 12-13 December to propose an extension of the ban to all outdoor crops. Four years a...<br />

John Davies named NFU Cymru's new President

Nominations have been confirmed for the NFU Cymru Presidential elections, and farmers will have the opportunity to hear from candidates at hustings events across Wales in early 2018. The farming union elects a Presidential team every two years, wi...<br />

Two new countryside productivity grants launched to help rural business

Two new grant funds have been launched by the government under the Countryside Productivity Scheme, carrying a maximum grant of £1 million. The scheme, by the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), provides funding for projects in England...<br />

'Regrettable move': Arla UK director sacked for 'issues of corporate governance'

An Arla Board of Director for the United Kingdom has been sacked for "issues of corporate governance". The Board of Directors of Arla Foods amba has received notification from the UKAF board, the farmer governing body of Arla Foods’ UK cooperative...<br />

UK-based wheat scientist awarded prestigious research medal

A world-leading UK-based wheat scientist has been awarded the prestigious Research Medal by The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE). The RASE award recognises a string of benefits delivered by the work of Dr Cristobal Uauy in developing g...<br />

Farm businesses urged to focus on income shock proofing in 2018

Protecting business from political uncertainty should be the focus for every farmer in 2018, according to an agricultural group. Agricultural co-operative AF Group said farmers must look at how they can shock-proof their business and benchmark the...<br />

EU seeks to simplify and make farm policy fairer in sweeping changes

The European Union is looking to simplify farming policy rules and boost farmers' bargaining power against supermarkets in a list of sweeping changes announced. Rules to to simplify, boost bargaining power and better equip them to face risks were ...<br />

Dorset sees six cases of sheep worrying in space of two weeks

There has been six reports of sheep worrying in Dorset alone since late November, according to the police. Sheep have had to be put down because of horrific dog attacks, and now Dorset Police are calling on the public to keep their dogs away from ...<br />