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What is De Lacy Executive Recruitment's Relationship with Candidates?

At De Lacy Executive Recruitment people are our business, we're not just about CVs. It's so much more. It is about who you are as a person. There's so much candidate information on the internet, and you can almost get yourself in a whirl—the perfect CV, the best interview tips—it's endless really. But when you are working with De Lacy, it is about you as an individual.

It's about finding out who you are. If there is a particular role you want to go for, we will give you personal advice, tailored advice about refining your CV. We share what we know about the company before your interview.

It comes two to two-way communication, that honesty, keeping candidate up to date, there's no limit on the support that De Lacy can give you.

We are welcoming more and more candidates who want to get into food production (agriculture) because it means that it won't be boring, too sanitized sitting in an office. They are adventurous types who don't want to be in a sanitized job.

There's a lot of people that think because we're in recruitment, we don't know the difference between hay and straw. But most of the De Lacy Executive Recruitment Team have agriculture backgrounds, rest assured we know the agriculture industry, we understand, it is definitely a big part of what we do—its our passion.

If you are looking for a new career or a job change in the same sector, do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

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