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What Does De Lacy Executive Recruitment Expect From Their Clients?

For De Lacy Executive Recruitment it's about the relationship that we have with the client. Almost anyone can write a job description, but finding the right person takes more than that. It's learning who our clients are, building a relationship with them, understanding their culture, understanding the type of people that tend to flourish in their business, and are more likely to remain with the company for a long period of time.

We like to build a partnership, based on communication —that is what we expect when we work with clients. We build two-way communication. We go to market with their position, and we provide our clients with the feedback we have received or observations we have made, about how we need to adapt the position within the market to ensure we can successfully feel the role.

It's our job to make this job achievable, and to find that right person, we have to review solutions together. Sometimes it is not as simply as replacing one salesperson with another salesperson, for example. Sometimes it might require different angles that we have to look at to achieve the goal that we're all trying to achieve together.

There is a difference between what the client wants/needs and what they think they want. You go into this thinking that the person at the top of the business knows exactly what they want, but very often these job descriptions are written third-hand by somebody else in another department who has missed some of the nuance in what the business needs.

That is why it is important to build a relationship with open client communications - the relationship with the client helps us to determine if there is a gap between what the Managing Director thinks they want and what got written down in the job description. Sometimes recruitment businesses get lost in that gap, so what we expect from working with clients is just communication, communication, communication, and understanding what they really want.

We want to talk to the clients or the decision-maker to really understand the business. To really understand what they're trying to achieve with the business.

At De Lacy Executive Recruitment we think it is in the best interest of our clients to have an exclusive relationship as their recruiter. If we put ourselves in the client's shoes, we ask would I want multiple companies out there representing my brand and not knowing how they were doing it, rather than using one reliable source who I trust and I know is going to represent my company in the right way?

We believe that when we are working with a client, we are effectively supporting each other's brand. You are part of each other's brand identity. De Lacy Executive Recruitment is not just selling a job description, we are selling, or presenting, your brand.

The more we know about you, the more we understand what you want to be seen as in the marketplace. The more we understand what makes your company brilliant to work for, then we are effectively marketing your company for you.

It is the same thing with candidates. With a good recruitment business, that candidate represents the recruitment business' brand. And, therefore, what we do at De Lacy is we will send people across that we think are very, very good for a client's role. And if we don't, then actually we are letting our own brand down. Brand integrity is so, so important.

De Lacy Executive Recruitment has a database of 25,000 plus people available for relevant roles within agriculture. Our database is a tool for us to search.

Right now we estimate that 20% of candidates are active in the marketplace. Why is that when there are so many jobs that need to be filled? 20% of candidates would be in a position where they're very, very happy and they will not move—in fact they get annoyed when you ask them. That leaves 60% of candidates, either on our database or just in general who, we can tap on their shoulder to persuade to think about doing something else.

Those 60% of candidates are not talking to clients, they're not on LinkedIn looking for jobs, they're not ringing up whoever it is asking for a job. That's why clients engage us, because we are are always seeking candidates out, tapping them on the shoulder, chatting with them, and bringing them in.

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