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Service Technician

Position Overview

A service technician, also known as a field service technician, is a technician who travels to various sites to repair or troubleshoot problems with machinery or equipment. They should be knowledgeable regarding all models of each equipment type that the company carries. As such, they should have a general understanding of technology and parts. It is their job to determine what the problem is and how to solve it. Therefore, education or experience in the relevant industry is crucial to the success of the individual in this role. Their focus area might be agriculture equipment, horticulture equipment, engines, security systems, stereos, ventilation units, appliances, or computers. Field service technicians are often required when the equipment cannot be transported easily. They provide the convenience of going straight to the client, rather than discussing the problem over the phone or in-store. As such, service technicians work with a number of different customers. Therefore, they should have excellent customer service abilities as well as technical abilities.

Service Technician Duties

  • Travel from site-to-site to troubleshoot broken/malfunctioning equipment
  • Problem solve issues that customers cannot fix
  • Provide valuable advice to customers to avoid future problems
  • Manage equipment repairs, installation, or maintenance
  • Provide customer support to build good relationships
  • Develop service reports
  • Work and share information with the other technical team members

Typical Employers

  • Product manufacturers
  • Agriculture equipment manufacturers
  • Repair companies
  • Equipment dealerships
  • Electronic companies
  • Security companies

Required Education and Training

Service technicians should have a certificate or associate's degree in a field related to the industry. This may include information technology, or equipment repair. Some field service technicians may only need a high school diploma if they have previous technician experience. However, a degree can give candidates a competitive edge. Hands-on experience for any related industry will be extremely beneficial. Almost all employers will still provide service technicians with extensive training before they are sent out on service calls.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Work effectively with minimum supervision
  • Excellent customer service
  • Patience
  • Manages time effectively
  • Good multitasking skills
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Can work a flexible schedule, depending on company needs

Average Salary

The salary for a service technician is strongly dependent on their level of experience as well as the industry. The average salary is £29,000. More experienced technicians can make close to £40,000. Sometimes field service technicians work off commission. A portion of their salary often comes from bonuses awarded to exemplary service technicians with great customer service.

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