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Seed Treatment Lead

Position Overview

Seed treatment leads run field trials within their region to test new products and support innovative development for the company. They work closely with the R&D team to ensure products are working as they should. From the field trails, seed treatment leads will be able to develop thorough assessments of how the seed performed. This may include crop health, and disease and pest prevalence. They analyze the health at various stages in growth to fully understand the development cycle. Seed treatment leads also test different application techniques for seed treatments and sprays to discover new testing possibilities. They provide detailed reports after the trails are completed. Seed treatment leads are responsible for a team who will assist with the testing. This means that they need to have strong leadership abilities.

Seed Treatment Lead Duties

  • Lead seed treatment team
  • Design experiments for field trials
  • Develop study plans and trail schedules
  • Create thorough reports on the information collected
  • Perform application testing
  • Create detailed assessments on growth cycle and health of the crops
  • Work with technical staff and R&D to see that targets are reasonably created and met

Typical Employers

  • Seed companies
  • Agrochemical companies
  • Seed treatment manufacturers

Required Education and Training

Seed treatment leads should have a degree in plant science, agronomy, biology, or in a related field. They should have a general knowledge of seed treatments and how to design field trails. Experience conducting seed assessments or work relating to crop/plant protection or farm equipment would be beneficial. At the very least, candidates should have a solid understand of agronomy.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Strong leadership skills and ability to manage others
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Very organised
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good at negotiation and collaboration
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