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Marketing Executive

Position Overview

A marketing executive creates a marketing plan for a product or service in order to reach the appropriate target market. They should seek to achieve maximum profits for the brand through well-developed strategies that meet consumer needs. Also called marketing officers, a marketing executive works with the marketing and sales department as well as advertising agencies to develop and implement effective promotional techniques and material. Their specific role can vary depending on the industry and size of the organization. However, they typically plan events, advertise, initiate PR initiates, research market trends, and inspire their team to succeed. While marketing executives usually sell products or services, sometimes they can work for not-for-profit corporations to generate awareness in a local community. Marketing executives are needed everywhere and therefore work in many different industries, including agriculture, medicine, banking, consumer packages goods, or automotive. They should always aim to create brand strength and develop market share. A position in marketing makes way for many potential career advancements.

Marketing Executive Duties

  • Develop a marketing plan to follow key objectives
  • Create promotional materials that follow the brand's image
  • Generate market reports
  • Understand target market to see what the consumers need/want
  • Present brand or product information to various departments and executive team
  • Develop social media campaign for various platforms
  • Strategize what advertising methods are used in order to maximize reach impact while staying within budget
  • Coordinate with advertising agencies, publishers, designers, and printers to develop relationships
  • Plan events and attend conferences or exhibitions to generate more brand awareness
  • Plan market research to ensure new product launches will be successful
  • Monitor competition to ensure market share is not lost

Typical Employers

  • Consumer packaged goods companies
  • Automotive companies
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Not-for-profit corporations
  • Charities
  • Agriculture companies
  • Seed companies
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Retailers
  • Consultant firms
  • Agencies
  • Financial institution

Required Education and Training

While employers will hire marketing executives who have various different backgrounds and degrees, it is advantageous to have a bachelor's degree in either marketing or business. Degrees in related fields are also useful, such as sales, public relations, communications, or international marketing. Having the business background is important in order for marketing executives to understand company needs and the strategies that should be used for success in their department. Experience with market research, statistics, consumer behavior, or data analysis can also be beneficial.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Creative
  • IT skills
  • Consumer awareness
  • Good organisation skills
  • Confident
  • Ability to multitask and manage time effectively

Average Salary

The average salary for a marketing executive is £27,000. This can vary greatly depending on the industry and company. For example, media agencies typically pay less than a financial institution.

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