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Animal Health Manager

Position Overview

Animal health managers care for the needs of different animals. This may include feeding, medicating, treating, and monitoring livestock performance. Individuals in this position should have a high regard for animal welfare and promote proper health care. Animal health managers will likely need to clean livestock areas, use a number of different equipment types, and ensure quality control is met at all times. This role can sometimes include long hours due to different animal needs. Animal health managers need to be attentive and responsive to the animals they care for. They should be knowledgeable on animal behavior so they know what to watch for regarding sickness, disease, etc. Individuals in this position should be tolerant of odors. They should also be comfortable with the presence of unhealthy animals.

Animal Health Manager Duties

The duties of an animal health manager can vary depending on where they work and what animals they work with. Some basic duties are outlined below.

  • Treat sick animals
  • Monitor animal behavior
  • Train other staff members regarding proper animal care
  • Understand and administer proper feed for each animal
  • Maintain animal records
  • Perform effective animal handling

Typical Employers

Typical employers of animal health managers include:

  • Agricultural colleges
  • Livestock consulting firms
  • Zoos and Veterinarians
  • Humane society
  • Animal farmers

Required Education and Training

An animal health manager should have a degree related to animal science, animal studies, animal welfare, animal management, veterinary science, or zoology. Practical experience working with animals will help individuals entering this profession.

Key Skills and Qualities

An animal health manager should have the following skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge regarding animal breeds, diseases
  • Understand proper animal handling techniques and procedures
  • Understand medical conditions and symptoms
  • Ability to adapt to quickly changing circumstances
  • Strong time management skills
  • Must have patience and work well under pressure
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