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Agriculture Journalist

Position Overview

Agriculture journalists cover news stories that are relevant to those in the agricultural industry, i.e. local farmers. Some applicable topics could include fairs or livestock shows, new farming procedures or techniques, important information relating to seed, fertilizer, irrigation, crop disease outbreaks, weather patterns, and labour issues. Factors that could impact a farmer's business operations is extensive, meaning that an agriculture journalist could have the opportunity to write about many different subjects throughout their career. Like most journalists in other industries, they are likely to perform interviews with industry experts, observe industry events, or research the topic of relevance. If an agriculture journalist works for a smaller company, they may also take photographs or videos on-scene. As such, those in this position must travel extensively and have excellent writing abilities. They should have a general understanding of the industry to ensure the information they are writing will reach the appropriate target audience.

Agriculture Journalist Duties

  • Produce print and/or web articles that discuss important agriculture trends or events
  • Assist in the creation of the company's editorial calendar
  • Research information, ensuring all data is accurate through verification
  • Search for new story leads
  • Interview industry experts
  • Attend agricultural events, taking photographs, videos, and recording information
  • Proofread news stories
  • Utilize online platforms such as social media to gain more exposure for news stories

Typical Employers

  • Companies that provide agriculture resources
  • Newspaper companies
  • Agriculture websites
  • Media companies

Required Education and Training

Agriculture journalists should have a degree in journalism or communications. They should also have experience working within the agriculture industry.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Sense of urgency
  • Strong computer skills
  • Exceptional writing abilities
  • Good storyteller
  • Ability to research complicated topics
  • Curious and high-energy individual
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Good photography and videography skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to edit documents
  • Data management skills
  • Interest in the agriculture industry
  • Ability to manage a flexible schedule

Average Salary

  • When agricultural journalists first begin their career, they make about £13,500
  • Agricultural journalists with some experience typically make £23,000
  • If an agricultural journalist has more than five years of experience, they can make approximately £40,000
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