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Blog > Joint Pay and Benefits Survey by The Farmers Weekly and in conjunction with De Lacy Executive

In late 2013 The Farmers Weekly in conjunction with De Lacy Executive carried out a survey of over 1,000 farming professionals from both the practical farming sector and the agri - business world.

De Lacy Executive's John Davies made the following remarks following on from the results.:

''I think the results of this collaboration between De Lacy and Farmers Weekly answer many questions for employers and employees alike but raise many more questions for further investigation next time. It is encouraging to see how passionate and proud respondents are for their industry. It is all the more surprising therefore that we have such a shortage of people to fill challenging vacancies. If we are to minimise the effects of the talent crisis, which is looming, we all have a responsibility to join the initiatives, which have already begun, to broadcast the industry's benefits and importance to those who have not yet considered agriculture and its associated sectors as a career. We should also try harder to give those who do want to join us a chance to enter the industry and to give them the support they need in this fascinating, highly technological and vital industry."

The joint pay and benefits survey conducted by The Farmers Weekly and De Lacy Executive was published on Friday December 20th - you can view at http://www.fwi.co.uk/articles/01/01/2014/142572/pay-survey-who-gets-what-in-the-farm-industry.htm

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