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De Lacy's Top Ten Tips on Interviews

We are often asked by candidates how best to prepare for that all important interview, these are our top ten tips:-

1.Research: ensure you research the company/vacancy as much as you can - many employers reject candidates who do not do this basic but essential item. The minimum research is a look at the company website - more comprehensive search would include wider internet search about news of the company and its market, talking to people who know the company, and, if relevant, visiting its premises, possibly looking into its financial performance, etc.

2.Preparation: be clear about what you have to offer the company in terms of your qualifications, experience and skills and also your personal qualities.

3.Job Description: Have you studied the advertisement for the vacancy and the job description.

4.Questions: have some good questions to ask the interviewers about the job and the company so that you can learn as much as you can in order to decide if this is the job for you. However don't ask basic questions about hours, holidays etc. In general don't ask about remuneration - the interviewers will raise this at an appropriate time.

5.Manner: companies like people who show that they want to work for them and who show enthusiasm. Regard everyone you meet from the receptionist to the cleaner as potential interviewers.

6.2nd Interview: many candidates fail at the 2nd interview because they do not prepare as well as they did for the 1st interview - beware of this trap.

7.Telephone interviews: if you are interviewed by telephone do not be lulled into thinking this is a chat - prepare and behave as above.

8.Relax: professional interviewers do not try to trip up candidates - they just want you to be yourself.

9.Social Media: if you have not done so already ensure your social media pages are closed to all but your friends to avoid unnecessarily embarrassing questions.

10.Dress: look appropriately smart - if in doubt look your smartest.

Additional guidance can be found on our website............... http://growingcareers.com/job-interview-tips.aspx

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