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Blog > De Lacy Executive supports Dairy Pro

John Davies, founder and MD of De Lacy Executive is proud to support Dairy Pro - the UK Dairy Industry's first ever register for professional development. As a supporter of excellence in the Agricultural industry as a whole he said on the recent re-launch of Dairy Pro's website:-

"Dairy farming is a professional business activity and not a lifestyle activity. Employers now need well trained technologists who do not rely on years of experience alone but who show a commitment to keeping abreast of best practice and new technologies so that dairy profit can be optimised."

The quality of contestants for the 2014 RABDF Dairy Student of the Year award which we sponsored showed clearly that new entrants to the industry are leaving college with higher levels of knowledge than their forbears and they will raise the standards that employers will expect of all employees. Employees in greatest demand will be those who have taken responsibility for their own training for career development and who have not relied upon others to manage their training for them. These are the people who will operate the new technologies and equipment which will replace less skilled and knowledgeable personnel.''

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