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Blog > BCFTA - Help for those in agriculture affected by flooding

Please see the message below regarding help the charity BCFTA may be able to give to those affected by flooding.:-

The current situation in Somerset is causing hardship and suffering to many individuals and we may be able to help provide funds to help those in need who are involved in Agriculture and the Grain & Feed Industry:

1: Those who are or have been involved with the Grain & Feed Trade:

The Bristol Corn Trade Guild and the Corn Exchange Benevolent Society have funds that can be used to help current and past members of the Grain & Feed trade in cases of hardship and if you are aware of any such people who have been affected by the current diabolical conditions can you give them my contact details.

2: Those involved in Agriculture:

BCFTA has set up a hardship fund which is to help those involved in Agriculture who have suffered from the floods. Whilst we are liaising with the NFU and the Addington Fund to identify areas of need if you are aware of any particular cases that need support please contact me.

Best regards

Richard Cooksley

BCFTA & Bristol Corn Trade Guild

(the guild is a charity that provides support for those who have fallen on hard times with connections with the Grain & Feed Trade. If you are aware of a worthy cause please contact BCFTA)

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