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With the agricultural jobs market relatively buoyant at present and another batch of graduates about to launch themselves on the market, it is time for Agricultural businesses to think outside the box as far as training the highly technical agri- professionals of the future.

We at De Lacy Executive have an increasing number of quality roles to fill with an ever decreasing pool of quality candidates to choose from. The answer is for Agri-business to invest in graduate training programmes which will replenish the supplies of good professional staff in all sectors of the industry some of whom may come from other technical graduate disciplines such as science and engineering.

In a recent interview with Caroline Stocks of The Farmers Weekly Grace Nugent, recruitment consultant at De Lacy Executive, pointed out that agricultural businesses need to think more openly about recruitment.

"We have a lot of graduates who want training in agronomy roles, but we get companies asking for candidates who are already FACTS and BASIS-trained," she said. "We would like to see more trainee roles to give graduates a chance, particularly to get into the commercial side of farming."

Jobseekers also need to be willing to consider alternative career opportunities which are being developed in the sector, she added.

"There are lots of jobs in sales, which can be basic but progress into more technical roles. Lots of people don't consider sales because they don't understand how it works in agriculture, but they can be very technical, hands-on roles."

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