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Winter vegetables

From finding seasonal workers to coping with adverse weather conditions...farmers who grow winter vegetables face all sorts of challenges. Charlotte Smith explores some of the issues and finds out what the specialist plant breeders at Tozer Seeds in Surrey can do to help. Also, there's a sneak preview of the future when Charlotte gets to taste some some brand new veg varieties! Presented by Charlotte Smith. Produced by Heather Simons


Plans for new farm inspection system, anger over men-only awards dinnera, salsify - the veg making a comeback

There is outrage as women are banned at an awards dinner.


Tackling Flea Beetles, Energy Beet, Leeks Shortage, Wool Industry

Farmers and scientists have been struggling for the last few years with how to protect oilseed rape against the flea beetle, which can do serious damage to the crop. Neonicitinoids which were used as a pesticide are now banned because they can harm bees. A new approach which doesn't use chemicals at all has been developed by farmers working directly with scientists under the Innovative Farmers initiative. Sugar beet is well known and an important crop for UK farmers, less familiar is energy beet grown to supply anaerobic digester plants with fuel. Leeks could be in short supply as a result of this year’s weather, Farming Today reports from Wales where the shortage will be particularly felt. Man-made fabrics can send micro-fibres to pollute our rivers and oceans potentially causing harm to marine life, the UK wool industry sees that as an opportunity. Presented by Anna Hill Produced by Alun Beach.


Farming and the environment, black kale, trees for reducing ammonia, Christmas tree shortage

A new National Farmers' Union report shows that farmers are working with the environment in mind. But they say they can only do more for the environment if they earn enough from food, to re-invest. Scientists have developed a new online calculator to help farmers design woodland plantings to mitigate ammonia emissions. Staff at the Centre for Ecology&Hydrology worked with Forest Research to develop the online tool for users as part of research funded by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Cavolo nero, or black kale as we call it here, is said to be one of the world's most nutrient-dense vegetables and it's been used for centuries in Tuscan cooking. Farmer Will Haines is now growing it alongside more traditional winter veg in the Vale of Evesham. We hear from one of the largest Christmas tree growers in Britain, who describes how they lost thousands of young trees last summer because of the heat wave. Owner Rob Morgan predicts a shortage in years to come. Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Beatrice Fenton.


Tree planting in Wales, Hill farmers, Winter vegetables

Farmers in Wales fear losing their livelihoods if a planned scheme to plant thousands of hectares of trees goes ahead. The Welsh Government hopes the trees will help combat climate change, farmers want assurances they won’t have to make way for forests. A cross party amendment to the Agriculture Bill is being tabled aimed at ensuring hill farmers will continue to receive tax payers’ subsidy after Brexit. And the challenges faced by those growing and harvesting winter vegetables. Presented by Anna Hill Producedby Alun Beach.