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British Flowers, Oysters and Rural School Closures

Summer must be here because it's Chelsea Flower Show this week. Here at Farming Today this week we're taking a look at the British flower industry. The National Farmers' Union estimates that the UK cut flower and indoor plant market is worth around £2.2 billion pounds. The lion's share of that market has been captured by imports from Dutch growers but British flower producers are fighting back. We hear from Flowers From the Farm who now have 500 members growing everything from sweet peas to poppies.We have a special report from Scotland where wild oysters are back in Scottish waters for the first time in a hundred years.Ahead of polling day on June 8th, we hear an Election 2017 postcard from rural Devon where one mum tells us that school closures are ruining village life.Presenter: Charlotte Smith.

Election tour - rural business, tourism, broadband

Farming Today concludes its week-long pre-election tour of the British countryside, with a visit to the village of Rothbury in Northumberland. Charlotte Smith is at a café and bunkhouse, which has also just taken on the role of local tourist information office. She finds out what rural businesses owners would want to see from whoever is elected to form the next government, and hears about the problems caused by the lack of reliable broadband in many rural areas. How do rural tourism businesses cope with being remote from 21st century connections, when their remoteness is also the very reason for their appeal to visiting tourists?Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Emma Campbell.

Farming Tour election tour - Scotland, Wales, NI

All this week Farming Today is touring the United Kingdom, asking people in rural communities what they think politicians' priorities should be in the run-up to next month's general election. In today's programme, Anna Hill visits Scotland's Rural College just outside Edinburgh. She talks to staff and students there about their concerns as they look ahead to a post-Brexit agricultural future. We also hear views from Wales and from Northern Ireland.Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Emma Campbell.

Election Tour - Future of Subsidies

All this week Farming Today is visiting rural locations up and down the UK, to hear what's on people's minds ahead of next month's election. Today Charlotte Smith is in the Midlands, at the livestock auction in Stratford-upon-Avon. She talks to farmers at the market, as well as the vice-president of the NFU. Is the general election all about Brexit for farmers, or is there more to it?Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Emma Campbell.

Election Special: Migrant labour, trade and environment

All this week Farming Today is out on the road, touring the UK to find out what people in rural areas and farming communities would like to see politicians focussing on in the run-up to the general election. Today Anna Hill visits a large-scale vegetable grower in East Anglia, to talk about trade and agricultural workers. She alsohears from some migrant workers whose future is uncertain with Brexit on the horizon. And we ask a spokesman for the environmental campaign group, Friends of the Earth, to outline his concerns for the candidates seeking election.Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Emma Campbell.

Rural services

With less than a month left to go before the general election, Farming Today embarks on a week of programmes based in rural communities up and down the UK, asking voters what they'd want to see politicians focussing on. In today's programme, Charlotte Smith joins passengers on a rural bus route near Stroud in Gloucestershire, and asks them what they would like to see political candidates - and the next government - turn their attention to.Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Emma Campbell.