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Food and Climate Change, Grouse Production, Brexit 'No Deal' Papers

A new report says that there's an "alarming lack of public policy" when it comes to changing our eating habits in order to tackle climate change. Coinciding with World Food Day today. the report from the Changing Markets Foundation claims that if meat and dairy consumption keeps rising at its current rate, it will take up all the allowable emissions budget, for the whole world, by 2050. All this week on Farming Today we're talking about the role of gamekeepers. It’s been a bad year for grouse, although it's not clear exactly why. It’s likely that a hard winter followed by a hot dry summer meant that females laid fewer eggs than normal, and the few chicks which hatched failed to thrive. Moira Hickey meets a gamekeeper in Inverness-shire, who explains whatimpact a poor year has on an estate like the one he works on. A new batch of "no-deal" papers has been released by the government. These are documents which give guidance on how to prepare for Brexit if a deal can't be reached. We explore some of the recommendations regarding fishing, farming andthe horse-racing industry. Producer: Emma Campbell


Farm Subsidies, Gamekeepers, Dartmoor Pony Photo Booth

The Sustainable Food Trust says getting rid of land-based farm subsidies completely would be a big mistake. The charity's founder, organic dairy farmer, Patrick Holden says need an incentive to farm in an environmentally friendly way. The National Gamekeepers Association say members are enjoying a golden age - they say the job isn't just about shooting it's about managing wildlife and conservation. Organisers of the Dartmoor pony sale feared it would be cancelled because of new animal passport regulations. But the invention of a special photo booth for horses has saved the day.


Global Trade

Sybil reports from a family owned Somerset farm which has been making cheese for hundreds of years and across many generations. The managing director and joint owner Richard Clothier explains that the cheddar they produce now is made according to his grandmother’s secret formula which is kept locked away in a safe. Their cheese is exported around the world including into Europe, and Mr Clothier explains how things work at present and how they are planning for a future after Brexit. Presented by Sybil Ruscoe Produced by Alun Beach.


Mystery disease killing hares, American beef, Weedkiller and antimicrobial resistance

Over the last few months, hares have been found dead and dying in parts of Suffolk and Norfolk - but no-one knows what's killing them.. Charlotte Smith talks to Dr Diana Bell from the University of East Anglia, who is trying to find out. The use of agricultural chemicals could be adding to the rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to scientists in New Zealand. Charlotte asks why bacteria exposed to herbicides like glyphosate may be developing resistance to antibiotics more quickly. Continuing a week-long look at global trade in agricultural produce, Moira Hickey visits a beef farmer in Massachusetts. She finds out how international events - from Brexit to Trump's trade tariffs - are affecting him. Producer: Emma Campbell


Agriculture Bill, Global Warming and Diet, Fishing

As the Agriculture Bill has its second reading in Parliament, Charlotte Smith hears the views of UK and European farmers on the future of farming. A new study says people should adopt a more plant based diet to cut greenhouse gas emissions. And representatives from both the English and Scottish fishing fleets lobby MPs to demand that they are not betrayed in any Brexit deal. Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced by Alun Beach.


Welsh Environmental Scheme, Waste-free farming, Seafood exports

A major environmental project has been launched in Wales, after securing£3.4m in funding from a charity. The Summit to Sea scheme will create a corridor of 10,000 hectares across Wales, and the land will primarily be managed with the environment in mind. The project is backed by Rewilding Britain and the Woodland Trust. Anna finds out what farmers think of it, after first hearing how it will work from one of the people behind the scheme. Yesterday we heard how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is encouraging farmers to take action now to farm in a more sustainable way.Anna visits one family in Norfolk which has been working for decades to achieve a sustainable and waste-free farm. This week we're exploring how UK trade with the rest of the world could fare after Brexit. Seafood caught off the coast of Wales is regularly exported to France and Spain, could new markets be found if there is a so-called hard Brexit without a deal with Europe? Presented by Anna Hill Produced by Alun Beach.